Coil Master DIY Kit V3

Coil Master DIY Kit V3


The latest edition of the Coil Master DIY kits has been released in NZ. The CoilMaster full kit v3 is all you need to make both simple and complex builds. This kit is the most complete kit available right now!

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CoilMaster DIY Full Kit includes:

1. 1 x Diagonal pliers
2. 1 x Needle-nose pliers
3. 1 x Stainless steel folding scissors
4. 1 x Pen styled Phillips screwdriver
5. 1 x Pen styled Flathead screwdriver
6. 1 x Ceramic Tweezer (T1)
7. 1 x Elbow Tweezer (T3)
8. 1 x 10 ft 24 GA Kanthal A1 Wire
9. 1 x 521 Mini Tab
10. 1 x Coiling Kit V4
11. 1 x Silicon rubber case for jigs
12. 1 x T styled HEX screwdriver (€°Ñà1.25mm, €°Ñà1.5mm, €°Ñà2.0mm€¢_ä
13. 3 x Japanese Organic Cotton


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